Nordic Telecom, headquartered in Helsinki, is a privately held company operating internationally. We have 14 employees and operations in Spain, Estonia, Germany, and Sweden.

We offer an easy-to-use call management system, which helps you do right things at the right time. It’s the missing piece between a service provider and a customer. In addition to improving customer satisfaction and the possibility of additional sales, our system eliminates queuing, increases customer retention and saves missed calls. Our service is ideal for sectors, where customer contacts are golden and good customer service is a priority.

Our customers include Vianor, Ponsse PLC, Örum (Autoasi, Autonomi and Bosch Car Services), Seinäjoki health-care centre, Futursoft Oy, Coronaria eye clinic, Fysi Partners Finland and Helsinki Reuse Centre. International customers include Reebok Madrid, Periocentrum Segovia L.L., Jihupa Postventa Digital Servicio 10, Retamares Gestion SL, and Notaria Jose Luis Ruiz Abad in Spain and Stokker and Feritilas in Estonia.

Finnish Service Innovation

From their customers’ perspective, our customer companies increase their value by offering a better customer service experience. Our customer companies are able to identify peak hours and make sure all customers get expert service. Reports enable our customers to ensure employee efficiency and commercial value. Customer service and customer satisfaction are improved, which means the possibility of additional sales is multiplied. According to the feedback we’ve received, our customers have seen a significant increase in both customer satisfaction and sales since introducing our service. This is a true Finnish service innovation.

Our Solution

NTC service portal allows our customer companies to retrieve all missed calls easily and in real time. Our solution registers all customer contacts, and provides the staff with the they tools need to efficiently serve their customers. Management receives detailed reports of unanswered calls, commercial success of call-backs, and the effectiveness of sales and customer service.

Our service requires no investments or additional hardware. It’s compatible with all up-to-date IT and phone systems and all mobile devices and computers. Our service is independent of operators, and requires no changes to existing phone numbers.


Our potential market is global. Main lines of business currently using our call management system are car industry (maintenance, sales, renting), health care services (clinics, physiotherapists, dentists), veterinarians, finance sector, municipalities, sports sector, and technology.


Nordic Telecom is heavily invested in becoming an international operator and scaling the service in different market areas. Our service is continuously being developed to meet the customers’ core needs. In the future, the service can include other channels, such as email, web forms, and social media.




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Tel: +358 9 4242 7400

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