Case: NTC Call Management for the technology vendor.

ERP Vendors can easily enhance their services with NTC value-added services. A ERP Vendor in Scandinavia was looking for new value-added services to enhance their corporate customer service.

NTC Call Management were integrated to the ERP service as a new feature. The end users can use the solution through the same web interface as the ERP service.

Our service helped grow the vendor’s revenues from their corporate customers and increased the vendor’s competitiveness in this segment. At the same time, corporate customers have witnessed an increase in customer satisfaction and revenues with new feature.


Case: NTC Call Management for Public Healthcare

A healthcare district in Finland, providing public healthcare services to 200,000 inhabitants, was struggling with the high number of incoming calls. The traffic got too high to handle during peak hours, and no reporting was provided. In addition, the legal requirement to handle 100 % of patient calls within a reasonable timeframe was not met.

Cisco certified partner delivered Cisco Call Manager and WebDialer products. These solutions were further upgraded by NTC Call Management service. NTC’s cloud-based solution provide an intuitive web user interface and the solution is easily integrated with the overall ICT infrastructure.

All patient calls are now handled within the required timeframe and respective reporting is given to the regulatory authorities. In addition, improved patient service has led to better customer satisfaction.


Case: NTC Smart Inbound for Car Retail and Repair

A leading car retail and repair chain in Scandinavia was not able to handle their inbound customer contacts from multiple channels. In addition, the group management had no clear view of the situation.

NTC Smart Inbound was implemented as a cloud-based solution to all stores. The solution combines all inbound customer contacts – calls, emails, web forms requests – into a single, user-friendly web service. This allows the retail stores to actively list, prioritize, handle and report all contacts.

After the NTC Smart Inbound solution was taken into use, the customer has seen a 22% growth in their sales, improved customer satisfaction, and their operational efficiency has improved significantly due to better understanding of resource usage and allocation with advanced reports.