100 % reachability, more satisfied customers

Nordic Telecom offers an easy-to-use call management system, which helps you do right things at the right time. It’s the missing piece between the service provider and the customer.

The service eliminates queuing, improves customer retention and keeps track of unanswered calls. In addition, it generates additional sales and improves customer satisfaction.


Don’t lose any customers


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What is your average sale? How much is the customer worth to your company?

What about a lost customer? How much revenue will you lose, if your customers can’t reach you?

Lost sales

(21 work days)

(252 work days)

Replacing the Missing Link in Customer Services

Ideally, you answer all customer calls immediately.
However, most companies still tend to answer calls later, if at all.
Our system helps you pick those unanswered calls immediately, saving you time and money, or even a paying customer.

Customer Service 2.0

Does right things at the right time. Saves customers’ and employees’ time. Eliminates queuing and saves everyone’s nerves. Retrieves missed calls and creates additional sales.

Smarter working

Technology helps improve sales and customer service. Adding resources can improve the customer experience only so far, but today’s customers want precise service as quickly as possible.

Our service requires no investments or additional hardware, and it’s compatible with all up-to-date IT and phone systems. It’s independent of hardware, i.e. it works on all mobile devices as well as computers.

Our customers