Nordic Telecom Oy to Spanish markets

Nordic Telecom Ltd to Spanish markets

Jose Luis Martinez, former head of Nokia Mobile Phones’ Spanish operations, as a go-to-market partner

Low Tide Partners SL will start as the distributor of Nordic Telecom Oy in Spain.

Nordic Telecom has signed an agreement with the Spanish Low Tide Partners on entering the Spanish market. Jose Luis Martinez, the founder and owner of Low Tide Partners, will be Nordic Telecom’s go-to-market partner in Spain and potentially in other Mediterranean countries as well.

Jose Luis Martinez is convinced by Nordic Telecom’s solution:

“I believe that the NTC CMS value proposition fills a gap in the call management systems of every company having a PBX or a switchboard. The ability to identify, manage, monitor and analyze calls missed and to act accordingly will lead to immediate improvement in sales and in the optimization of resources. Furthermore, the customer perception of the attention and of the way the company treats them will improve dramatically. People who make a call will feel that they count, that they are important and that their call will lead to a positive result — even if it was not attended to at the time when they made the call.”

Jarkko Ruuskanen, CEO of Nordic Telecom, is higly satisfied with the agreement and the new partner, who is former head of Nokia Mobile Phones’ Spanish operations.

“We have great faith in this cooperation. Our intention is to improve customer service culture and cut down on queuing times in Spain,” says Jarkko Ruuskanen, CEO of Nordic Telecom.

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