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With our service, a company can see all their missed calls in real time. Our solution registers all contacts and provides employees with easy-to-use tools to serve the customer. The company receives reports on all unanswered calls, success rate of the call-backs, and the efficiency of sales and customer service.
Our solution requires no investments or additional hardware. It’s compatible with all up-to-date IT and phone systems and works on all mobile devices and computers. Our service is independent of operators and doesn’t require any changing of phone numbers.
  1. No more unanswered calls, frustration, or queuing.
  2. Customers have a pleasant service experience and their needs are analysed.
  3. All unanswered calls are retrieved and presented in an easy-to-use form.
  4. Experts are able to reach the customers and provide them with what they need. Happier customers mean more sales opportunities.
  5. With our easy reporting tools, companies can follow, analyse, and improve their business.

NTC Smart Callback


  • Tracks unanswered calls
  • Easy graphic, browser-based user interface
  • Manual checking
  • Measures commercial success
  • Saving of/listening to recorded messages
  • Reserving an unanswered call
  • Call-back by clicking, no need to dial
  • Integration to customer database
  • Manual input of customer information
  • Manual transferring of an unanswered call to the right person/group
  • Additional information
  • IVR menu
  • Service flag in accordance with the company’s operating hours
  • Defining different user levels
  • Customised voice mail
  • Unanswered calls to email
  • Prioritising unanswered calls


  • Customised SMS for groups and/or offices
  • Sending an SMS to the caller automatically or manually
  • Message templates
  • SMS name tag
  • SMS group message

Cloud Service

  • No hardware/software installations or investments
  • Independent of operators
  • Independent of platform (PC, MAC, Linux, tablet, mobile)
  • API


  • Real time list of unanswered calls
  • Real time and graphic reporting of e.g. handling times, peak hours, and success rate on company, office, and user levels
  • Identifies repeating calls
  • Avohilmo reports (approved by the National Institute for Health and Welfare)
  • Pre-set reports to emails

Customer Process