Veterinary Station Kamu

Veterinary Station Kamu is a clinic in the center of Oulu specializing in the treatment of small animal diseases that require extensive expertise. In addition to basic pet health care, Kamu treats pet eye diseases, internal diseases, orthopedic diseases, surgical procedures, dental treatments, ultrasound examinations, endoscopy examinations, and X-rays.

Veterinary Station Kamu is a private, Finnish clinic owned by its employees, which opened its doors in February 2018. The clinic employs 9 veterinarians and 11 clinicians with expertise in dog and cat diseases.

Calls to the Veterinary Station Kamu are congested at different times depending on the different days of the week. Kamu uses NTC’s Smart Callback service, which has enabled us to improve our customer service and thus reduce our telephone congestion. Customers only need to reach us once as they know that we will call them back as soon as possible. Tracking overflow calls visually is clear and callback is possible with more than one person, even if you work remotely. Both we and our customers have been very satisfied with the service.

Johanna Salovaara
Chief Executive Officer, Eläinlääkäriasema Kamu Ltd