Power Gym

We are a 24-hour gym chain in Kymenlaakso. We offer gym services in Kotka, Kouvola and Hamina.

The quality of customer service is extremely important to us, which is why we introduced the NTC telephone service.

This allows us to keep track of which missed calls have not been handled and which have already been handled. We also see directly which customer has called us and this way we can search for the caller’s customer card in advance. If the caller is already our customer, then answering the questions will be quick.

The service was also easy to set up and is a great tool, especially during peak days, when all calls are not answered immediately.

We also have many customers who contact us both by email and phone. With the help of the automated name search service, we can see if we have already answered the caller by email and, therefore, we are not in touch with the same matter many times.

Heli Ahvenainen
Power Gym Kouvola Ltd / Trainer&Health Ltd