Radio Helsinki

Since 2019, Radio Helsinki has used the NTC Smart Channels service as part of its creative campaign solutions and also to collect feedback directly from the target group. Our usage has been unique in terms of the normal use of the service, as our radio channel can gather genuine feedback from listeners and make their voices heard in the broadcast stream of our radio programs.

Listeners’ calls can easily be handled when there is no need for staff to constantly answer incoming calls and our listeners can leave their competition entries directly by phone to the NTC service. Customer contacts are processed through the NTC Smart Channels service and detailed information about each listener contact is available.

The service concretely frees up staff for other editorial tasks on the radio channel. Listeners can easily be provided with campaign-specific information, for example, via voice messages and SMS. Communication and operations of the service are easily managed through the service’s user panel. The NTC service also provides comprehensive reporting and monitoring, which can be used to track, for example, campaign-specific contacts and the meaning of contacts.

The NTC team has brought a flexible, knowledgeable and friendly service to all stages of the projects and we have been helped to find the best possible outcome for us.

Tommi Partanen
Creative Sales Director
Radio Helsinki