MS Teams Voice combined with NTC

Founded in 2010, the company is a staff-owned expert organization specializing in IT and communications solutions. We take care of our customer companies’ IT environment holistically: software and hardware procurement, installation, maintenance, technical support and development work. We offer only the solutions we trust ourselves. This allows our customers to focus on developing their own businesses.

“A big revolution is going on in the handling of corporate telephony. Traditional speech platforms will be replaced for example by Microsoft Teams. MS Teams is available worldwide without a separate integration or project. This is a big difference compared to traditional PBX systems. ” Kim Dannholm says. “We have been closely following what is happening in the area of ​​communications solutions. The same is happening in telephone exchanges, which has happened in many other solution areas, the cloud-based options are replacing older technology. For us, the right and cost-effective solution was MS Teams Speech combined with NTC Callback. ”

We’ve found in our customer service that we need help managing missed calls. NTC Callback seamlessly supports our Help Desk functions. The service is easy to use, the reporting features are excellent. For example response times have been shortened and peak hours can be identified. Customer satisfaction has improved through informative text messages and emails. Our customers can trust that we will take care of their case as soon as it is released.

The implementation of the service was straightforward. We recommend the MS Teams Speech + NTC combination package due to its agility – The Callback functionality is a true helping hand.

Kim Dannholm
Senior Sales Manager
Global Voicelink Gvl Oy