Örum to operate as NTC’s reseller

Nordic Telecom and Örum have signed a contract, according to which Örum will operate as a reseller of NTC’s Smart Callback solution in the Finnish market. The agreement, signed in March, is a great additional boost to NTC’s sales; Örum has approximately 80 sales people in Finland.

Örum is a significant producer of motor vehicle spare parts and accessories in Finland. The company has been in operation for over 90 years, and its current business model is based on customer concepts, reliable logistics, high-quality products and qualified personnel. Örum operates with car spare parts in the aftermarket. In the commercial vehicle sector, their main customer group consists of domestic trailer and vehicle industry. Örum’s products are sold in car dealerships and spare part stores across the country.

”Örum has used NTC’s call-back service for a couple of years, and already it has increased their revenue. Now, NTC’s services become a part of Örum’s service selection”, says Jarkko Ruuskanen, NTC’s CEO.

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