Improve your service level 24/7

Do you handle your customer contacts effectively? Does your customer reach you easily? Is your product easy to buy?

Our service allows you to see the most common inbound attempts in multichannels. Our solution registers the contact attempt and provide employees with easy-to-use toolkits.

Reporting provides actual data, which allows to follow the inbound traffic (web forms, emails, unanswered telephone calls) in real time, or alternatively using past data. Data provides tools to measure and improve your activities. You are able to follow growth in sales (€) and efficiency. The system provides all aforementioned data from any time period. In addition, you can also view diagrams crucial to your business.

Our solution requires no investments in additional SW/HW. It’s compatible with all up-to-date IT and phone or network systems and it works on mobile devices, tablets and desk top computers. Our service is independent of operators and doesn’t require any changes in the current numbering scheme.
  1. No more unanswered customer contacts, at the same time the new system eliminates customer frustration and queuing.
  2. Customers have a more pleasant service experience when their needs are met.
  3. All unanswered contact attempts are retrieved and presented in an easy-to-use portal view.
  4. Experts are able to reach the customers and help them. More satisfied customers allow also additional sales opportunities.
  5. With our easy reporting tools, companies can follow, analyse and improve their businesses.

NTC Multichannel inbound management

Multichannel inbound mgmt

  • Tracks unanswered calls, chats, e-mails and web-forms
  • Helps the internal e-mail correspondence – customer gets more professional answers
  • Easy graphic, browser-based user interface
  • Manual checking
  • Measures commercial success
  • Saving of/listening to recorded messages
  • Reserving an unanswered call
  • Easy response with one portal view
  • Integration possibilities to a customer database
  • Manual input of customer information
  • Manual transferring of an unanswered call to the right person/group
  • Additional information
  • IVR -menu
  • Service flag in accordance with the company’s operating hours
  • Defining different user levels
  • Customized voice mail
  • Prioritizing inbound messages


  • Customised SMS for groups and/or offices
  • Sending an SMS to the caller automatically or manually
  • Message templates
  • SMS name tag
  • Easy to use Massmessage -toolkit

Cloud Service

  • No hardware/software installations or investments
  • Independent of operators
  • Independent of platform (PC, MAC, Linux, tablet, mobile)
  • API


  • Real time list of customer contact attempts
  • Real time and graphic reporting of e.g. handling times, peak hours, and success rate on company, office, and user levels
  • Identifies a customer repeating calls in a timeline
  • Avohilmo reports (approved by the National Institute for Health and Welfare)
  • Ordered time based reports to emails

Customer call handling

For sure, the best is to answer every call without a delay – preferrably right away. How can you serve two customers at the same time? Maybe a calling customer calls another time, or maybe your potential customer calls to your competitor?


Companies need sometimes a quick channel to communicate to their target groups – this communication may be well planned, or sometimes you have an urgent need to reach your customers. Text messages reach your customers quickly and personally.