Customer call handling

To make your inbound telephone traffic more efficient:

For sure, the best is to answer every telephone call without a delay – the very best is to answer every call immediately. However, how to can you serve two customers at the same time? Maybe a calling customer calls another time, or maybe your potential customer calls to your competitor?


To engage your customer with a pleasant way

Our service sends a customized voice and text message to inform your customer. Your customer understands that his/her call is now registered and taken into a process. Your customer can relax and wait for the service soon. Simultaneously your own personnel knows that your customer expects a callback. Your customer – most propably – will be positively surpriced. You meet even the demanding customer expectations.

The main benefits

The service will improve your customer service level – without any queue. Your inbound calls can be handled in a priority order and you may easily follow them with the traffic light symbols: Red calls have waited more than an hour, yellow calls less than an hour and green marks tell that your customer service request is completed. You may also rate the commercial success of your callback.

Do the right things at the right time

You have relevant online tools to follow your service updates; who has handled the service. Inbound call handling can also be managed from a mobile subscription.

You can recognize your calling customer either from your own CRM or you may have a possibility to get a number recognition from an operator. Each customer, in addition, can be added with the specific remarks. This helps your collegues to recognize important customer details. Each customer is expected to be served with an agent that knows the best their specific tasks. I.e. your customer gets a professional service.

What is your customer experience?

Manyy of our new customers admit, that this service should have taken into action years ago. The service process gets faster, simplier and your own customer delight will surprise you. The first customer contact attempt starts the service. Your own customer service is raised into a new level.

Additional value – to your customer benefit

With an online reporting you are able to develop your service level. You can follow the callbacks and the commercial benefits as well as the efficiency. Better communication improves your customer satisfaction. This is how you develop your customer care, improve your customer perception and bound your customers into a more competitive service.

Customer Process