– an efficient and direct information channel

Companies need sometimes a quick channel to communicate to their target groups – this communication may be well planned, or sometimes you have an urgent need to reach your customers. Text messages reach your customers quickly and personally.

This easy to take into use toolkit enables you to send messages to the larger audience, for example

  1. Customer information in an exceptional situation
  2. Campaign messaging
  3. To confirm an appointment

Massmessaging toolkit is easy to take into use. Mobile numbers are saved to an excel sheet according to the instructions. Sender can select either all or even a single contact to send a message, this gives you flexibility to communicate with different needs.

The history of your text message communication can be recalled, you see to whom and when certain messages were sent. You may reuse the messages or modify them according to your variable needs. This saves time and effort.

The text field counts automatically the number of digits and the counter shows the number of sent messages. You may optimize your ROI – it gives you competitive communication. Do not forget that even variable seasonal messages can be handled easily with this clever tool.