The idea of the Nordic TeleCom company is that customers don't have time to wait in line to receive service.

Nordic Telecom Ltd was established in 2009. We began by experimenting with and developing various concepts related to customer contact tracking. Our operations took on their current form in 2012 as a two-person company.

The big idea was that customers don’t have time to wait in line to receive service. Initially, the numbers of unanswered calls were sent to client companies via email. However, based on the feedback from our customers, a web portal was quickly developed, allowing for a quick overview of unanswered calls. Now, the service has been expanded to assist with other contact channel alternatives, such as emails, web forms, and even chat messages.

International business began the following year with the opening of our operations in our neighboring country, Estonia. Currently, our solution developed in Finland is also used in Spain.

We increase the value of businesses

Our client companies enhance their value by providing a better customer service experience. Companies gain better control over peak traffic times and ensure that all customers receive expert service. Reports can be used to determine, among other things, the increase in business efficiency. Customer service becomes more efficient, and customer satisfaction increases, leading to a manifold increase in upselling opportunities. Based on feedback, our clients have improved customer satisfaction and increased sales with the use of the service. This is a genuine Finnish service innovation.

This is a true Finnish service innovation.

Smart solutions shape the future

Over the past five years, our customer base has grown, and we now have about a dozen people facilitating our customers’ accessibility and ensuring better service.

The world is increasingly transforming into a service society, and the value of customer experience is becoming more precious. We believe that smart solutions are shaping customer service work to be more efficient and flexible in serving customers. In today’s service society, people demand increasingly knowledgeable service.

Artificial intelligence improves user experience and opens up many new possibilities for an even better customer experience. Both those working in customer service and those engaging with customer service benefit from new working methods. Improving competitiveness always starts with more advanced customer work – the service we ensure daily for our growing customer base.

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