NTC Mass SMS service

SMS is an effective communication channel

Businesses may need to communicate quickly with their customers or other target groups - communication needs may be planned or sometimes unexpected. With SMS, the recipient or group of people to be reached can be found quickly and personally.

Sometimes you may need to send targeted and personalized SMS messages.

Text message reaches quickly

With SMS, the recipient or group of people to be reached can be found quickly and personally. You will be able to serve them in a targeted way and get your message across quickly.

NTC:n massaviesti tavoittaa kohdetryhmän nopeasti.
NTC massaviestillä hoidat ajanvarauksien vahvistamisen

Confirm and remind by SMS

You can confirm and cancel appointments, for example. It also gives the customer the feeling of receiving good, personalized service. SMS is also an excellent tool for information sharing and promotion.

How the NTC Mass SMS Service works

Palvelun käyttö on helppoa ja onnistuu (millä laitteilla) ja jotain teknista speksiä tähän?

Recipient lists

The address data is stored in a predefined excel file according to the instructions provided by the service. The sender can select all or a single contact from the list. This gives you the flexibility to use the service according to your own sending needs.

Message history stored

The service keeps a history of messages and information about who the message has been sent to and when. A message in the history can also be opened and resent, saving time and effort.

Optimised communication

A text input field automatically counts the characters in a message and a counter indicates the number of outgoing messages. The sender is able to optimise the output/input ratio – making communication cost-effective.

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