NTC Smart Channels

Multichannel customer service brings together all customer contacts

Without a modern tool, it's hard for customer service to provide great customer experience. Smart Channels brings all your customer contacts together in a single view for the whole team to see. With automation, you can reduce manual work and improve the customer experience.

Don't lose calling customers

A calling customer wants service right away. If the call is not answered, the customer is likely to go to a competitor. With our service, the calling customer hears a voice message and immediately receives an automatic acknowledgement via SMS. This way, the customer knows that they will be contacted soon.

Digital customer service

With a mobile app, NTC Smart Channels always goes with your employees and can be accessed from anywhere. Smart Channels is ideal for large stores and busy clinics – anywhere where employees don’t have time to sit in front of a computer all day.

NTC Smart Channels features

NTC Smart Channels offers a range of features to help you do your job more efficiently while delivering quality customer service.

Customer feedback

“Our customer service is easily overwhelmed by customers reaching us through multiple channels. We found a solution to this with NTC's Smart Channels. In a single browser interface, web forms and emails can be easily and quickly managed, with a seamlessly threaded response. NTC's service ensures that every missed call can be called back and an SMS sent if necessary."

ST Service / First Stop Linnainmaa

Try the solution for free for 1 month

We are convinced that our solution will make your company’s everyday life easier and better. We offer a free 1-month trial. Contact us today!

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