Nordic Telecom provides customer contact management solutions for businesses

Smooth customer service across all channels

Improve sales opportunities

Timely, professional service and customer satisfaction are key to your business's success. Our services can be integrated with other systems.

Reduce costs

Hiring new employees is always a resource-intensive process. Instead of hiring, you can automate and improve your existing service capabilities 24/7 - you only pay for the features you actually use.


We don't require long-term or fixed-term contracts, and users don't need to invest in new hardware or separate software. Our services are cloud-based, so you'll always have the latest version, which is not dependent on external technologies.

Optimise and improve

Our services make it easy for you to balance your workload or even develop a motivational reward system. Our services even include real-time monitoring to measure and improve your performance.

Our solutions

Smart PBX

Transfer customers’ calls from anywhere using a mobile app.

Smart Channels

Queuing is history and the customer experience to a new level.

Mass SMS solution

Nordic TeleComin massaviesti tavoittaa nopeasti ja henkilökohtaisesti.

Send targeted and personalized SMS messages easily and efficiently.

We give our services a 100% satisfaction quarantee

Our services evolve by listening to our customers. We measure benefits and end-user satisfaction. Our services are already used by a large number of companies of all sizes.

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