Always respond to customer contact

NTC offers solutions for managing customer contact. Our services help you stay in control and keep your customers happy, even in a busy day. Easy deployment and satisfaction guarantee!

Smart Telephone Service

Smart Telephone Service manages customer calls, automates customer service and comprehensively measures results. You can easily route calls to the right people, make service changes yourself and customize your own call ring strategy. The mobile app works anywhere and always goes with your employees.

Smart Channels

Smart Channels brings all your contacts together in one view. You can see all your incoming calls, emails, forms and chat messages at once. All customer service agents can see the status of your contacts and who handled the service request. You stay in control and work more efficiently.

Customer stories

More than 150 companies already use our services. Read how we helped them improve their customer experience and manage their contact backlog.

Manage your customers' contacts efficiently

Nordic TeleCom’s solutions give your staff easy tools to serve your customers efficiently. At the same time, management receives comprehensive reports on key metrics and employee performance.

How much does slow customer service cost your business?

How much potential turnover are you losing by not responding to customer queries quickly? You can calculate the potential extra sales with our risk calculator. Take a look at the calculator and see how much extra sales your business could make with our services.

Make your work easier with our popular services!

Our popular Smart Channels and Smart Telephone Solutions make it easy and flexible for your company to manage your daily customer contacts! Our services free up your time for core activities while your customers are served. We’ll do a free survey to see how much additional sales our services could make for your business. Take a look at our services and contact us!


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