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WhatsApp makes customer service at the veterinary clinic easier and more efficient

Veterinary clinics play a central role in maintaining the health and well-being of pets. They are places where pet owners turn for advice and care. However, reaching and managing customers can be challenging, especially when using traditional communication channels such as phone or email. In this blog post, we will explore the use of WhatsApp in managing customer contacts for veterinary clinics and how this popular messaging app can enhance customer service.

The use of WhatsApp as a mobile communication channel has significantly increased in recent years. Many businesses have adopted this popular app as a customer service channel, and veterinary clinics are no exception. WhatsApp offers several benefits for both customers and veterinary clinics.

Firstly, using WhatsApp is easy and convenient. Most people use smartphones daily, and WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps on these devices. Customers can contact the veterinary clinic directly through WhatsApp, saving time and effort. They can send messages anytime, anywhere, without waiting by the phone or responding to emails. This flexibility increases customer satisfaction and improves the overall customer experience.

Secondly, WhatsApp allows veterinary clinics to manage customer contacts more efficiently. Group chats on WhatsApp enable the simultaneous service of multiple customers. The clinic can create a group that customers join, sharing important information with all group members simultaneously. This reduces the need to answer the same question multiple times and frees up resources for other tasks. Additionally, WhatsApp allows the sharing of images and videos, helping the veterinarian assess the situation in advance and provide better advice to the customer.

Thirdly, WhatsApp provides an opportunity for quick and immediate communication in urgent cases. Pet owners can send emergency messages to the veterinarian via WhatsApp, providing them with a sense of peace and awareness that help is available quickly. The clinic can prioritize these messages and respond to them immediately. Such responsiveness can be crucial when it comes to the health and care of animals.

However, it is essential to note that using WhatsApp requires proper organization and management. Here are some tips for veterinary clinics to effectively use WhatsApp in managing customer contacts:

  1. Create clear instructions: Develop guidelines on how customers can contact the clinic via WhatsApp and in what situations they should use this channel. Instructions may include distinguishing between urgent and non-urgent cases and expectations for response times.
  2. Train staff: Ensure that the clinic staff understands how to use WhatsApp and its features. Train them to respond to messages quickly and efficiently, providing appropriate assistance and guidance to customers.
  3. Organize groups: Create different WhatsApp groups for various purposes, such as managing urgent cases, scheduling appointments, or sharing general announcements. This helps to keep conversations organized and reduces confusion.
  4. Automated responses: Take advantage of WhatsApp’s automated response feature to automatically answer recurring questions or inform customers that their message has been received and will be addressed shortly. This provides customers with immediate feedback and reduces their waiting time.

Using WhatsApp in managing customer contacts for veterinary clinics can significantly improve customer service. It offers an easy and convenient way for customers to reach out to veterinarians and enables more efficient resource management for the clinic. These advantages lead to satisfied customers and enhance the reputation and business of the veterinary clinic.

Also, ensure that you respond to messages within a reasonable time frame to make customers feel heard and valued.

Nordic Telecom invests in growth – New funding and board of directors

Nordic Telecom Oy, a company focused on improving customer service experiences, has received a significant growth funding. The new funding strengthens the growth and development of the Espoo-based SaaS software company internationally.

Nordic Telecom’s service offering includes solutions for managing customer service and communication. These modern services, including mobile applications, are already being used by companies that handle large amounts of contacts in Finland and in Spain. The company is developing innovations, and the new board of directors’ strong leadership experience and growth capital will be vital in taking these innovations to the world.

Petri Styrman invested in Nordic Telecom in the latest funding round and joined the company’s board of directors. Petri is one of Supercell’s founders and served as Lead Artist at Supercell.

Antti Sulkakoski also started as a new board member. Antti is an entrepreneur who works with investors and companies seeking investments. He previously served as an Investment Director and Vice President  at Merrill Lynch, Nordea, and Privanet Securities.

Ralf Wahlsten continues as Chairman of the Board. Ralf serves as General Partner at Open Ocean. Before founding Open Ocean, he was an active angel investor and a key advisor to MySQL until its exit to Sun Microsystems.

Christian Stredicke and Simo Vidgren, who are also investors in Nordic Telecom, continue as board members. Christian led the early VoIP innovator SNOM from its founding in Berlin to global distribution and a successful exit to Vtech. He is currently the founder and CEO of VoIP cloud software company Vodia in Boston. Simo Vidgren is the CEO of Apotrade Consulting and the founder of ApoDigi.

“Nordic Telecom’s service ensures that customer contacts are always answered. Our easy-to-use service ensures that calls, emails, and web forms are taken care of, even in peak times and outside of business hours. We have customers in Finland and in Spain. We are launching new service innovations that are shaping the communication between companies and their customers on smartphones. It’s time to step on the gas,” says Rauno Toivonen, CEO of Nordic Telecom.

Nordic Telecom’s customers include Veho, Repsol, Stadium, Bridgestone, Versowood, and Oulun Eläinklinikka.

Nordic Telecom Oy was founded in 2009.


For more information, please contact:
Rauno Toivonen
CEO, Nordic Telecom Oy
phone no: +358 500 47 89 89

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How Callback Services Improve Customer Service at a Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic Customer Service In the current competitive business environment, providing excellent customer service is crucial for every company, including dental clinics. One effective way to enhance customer service at dental clinics is by utilizing a phone system with a callback service. This combination offers numerous advantages that streamline communication, improve efficiency, and provide customers with a better overall service experience.

  1. Efficient Call Routing The phone system efficiently directs incoming calls to the appropriate departments or individuals within the dental clinic. With the use of an automated attendant, patients can easily navigate through various options, such as scheduling appointments, inquiring about services, or reaching a specific dental professional. By reducing wait times in phone queues and ensuring calls are directed to the right person, clinics can improve customer satisfaction and minimize frustration.
  2. Queue Management Dental clinics often receive a high volume of phone inquiries, leading to long wait times and patient dissatisfaction. The callback feature assures customers that they won’t have to wait on the phone but will be promptly called back. This allows them to continue their daily activities without waiting, reducing stress and frustration. Once staff is available, they can promptly return the call.
  3. Personalized Patient Experience The phone system allows valuable patient information to be collected through automated menus or pre-call recordings. This way, the dentist has knowledge of the patient’s specific needs before the call, enabling them to quickly offer tailored solutions and create a personalized customer experience. Personalization builds trust, increases patient loyalty, and results in higher overall patient satisfaction.
  4. Guidance to Online Appointment Booking Audio announcements and text messages are especially useful outside of regular business hours and during busy times. Links in text messages and recorded announcements can guide customers to the clinic’s online appointment scheduling system, allowing them to make reservations independently.
  5. Seamless Team Collaboration Effective communication within a dental clinic is essential for providing excellent customer service. The phone system enables internal communication features such as messages, call transfers, and conference calls. Dental professionals can quickly collaborate, discuss patient cases, or seek assistance, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted customer service. This enhances teamwork and reduces response times.

Utilizing a phone system with a callback feature can significantly enhance customer service at dental clinics. By leveraging efficient call routing, queue management, personalized patient experiences, guidance to online booking, and seamless team communication, clinics can improve patient satisfaction, loyalty, and overall clinic efficiency. These technologies not only demonstrate a commitment to excellent customer service but also set dental clinics apart from their competitors.

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